Canadian Liberal Press Bought Out by Government

While Google and Facebook are harassing alternative media, the Canadian Liberal press is suffering financially, but will be bailed out.

The Canadian government is essentially keeping the Canadian Liberal press as a state-owned Pravda. Here’s Ezra Levant describing the situation:

The distinction between private media and government-funded propaganda is about to become even less meaningful. These newspapers should go out of business as decided by consumers who obviously don’t think they are worth reading. The government is taking public funds to overrule the market.

The Canadian Press reports, “Extra! Extra! Federal government set to assist struggling newspapers in 2018 budget: Report.

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All signs point to print media getting a much-needed financial assist from the federal government in the next budget.

The financing is expected to be doled out through the Canada Periodical Fund, which currently assists print magazines, non-daily newspapers and digital periodicals.

And they provide the following pull quote:

“This is essential for the proper functioning of our society, not just for democracy.” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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