Canadian Cult Compound Forced to Apologize to Woman They Harassed

The Canadian cult center is Laurier University and their inquisition struck in the name of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

A leftist student who actually believes in using the fictional pronouns of “transgender” students got turned into the enforcers of the Canadian cult that is now in theocratic control of much of that country.

Listen to the heretic for yourself:

If you think university faculty and staff in the United States are substantially different from those in Canada, you are naïve and perhaps delusional.

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Vice reports, “Laurier University Apologizes to TA For Jordan Peterson Censorship Drama.

Shepherd, the teaching assistant, was told by university officials that by showing the clip—which had been aired on public television—that she was creating a “toxic environment” for her students. The professor that conducted the meeting, Dr. Nathan Rambukkana, indicated that might have broken the law and, at one point, said the clip “is like neutrally playing a speech by Hitler.”

Shepherd secretly recorded the meeting and released it to media several days ago which led to the incident becoming talking point regarding freedom of speech on post-secondary campuses. Many high-profile academic personalities, including Peterson, came to the defence of Shepherd and criticized Laurier for censorship.

In the letter of apology, which was posted on the Wilfrid Laurier website, the university’s president and vice-chancellor, Deborah MacLatchy, said that she was first able to listen to the meeting through “the media.”

Read the entire Vice article.

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