Can the National Review Get Any More Elitist?

David French of the National Review shows what he thinks of Alabama conservatives.

In my opinion, there are only three possibilities for Roy Moore:

  1. The two criminal charges are false.
  2. He was a serious sexual predator who entirely quit and is lying about it now.
  3. He’s been doing it all his life but no one else will tell us her story.

Of the three #1 seems the most believable to me. But some people are arguing in favor of voting for Roy Moore on the basis of something closer to the second scenario, though not quite. Christian hero Robert Gagnon writes on Facebook (links added):

I recommend that you read this article by Tully Borland (associate professor of philosophy at Ouachita Baptist University and a former member of the 82nd Airborne Division). I think it makes some good points. Then read the biting (sadly, unnecessarily abusive) attack of Borland by David French (“an embarrassing effort,” “something so silly,” “making incredibly stupid analogies,” “almost reach ‘Joseph married a teenager’ levels of insanity,” “It just keeps getting worse,” “a lame attempt,” “This man is a philosopher?”, “Can he possibly be serious?”). David writes for NRO and was previously a senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom and a past president of FIRE, doing lots of good work. I provide a link in the comments section. Finally, make up your own mind. I don’t think the case is slam dunk in either direction, though one may lean one way or the other. I certainly don’t think that we should be abusing the other over it.

Gagnon’s judgement seems right. But French isn’t just “abusive” to Borland. He’s abusive of Roy Moore even apart from the crimes he’s accused of. And he’s thus equally abusive of Alabama conservatives.

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Moore, by contrast [with General George Patton] isn’t a talent at all. He’s a half-wit, grandstanding constitutional ignoramus who’s been credibly accused of sex crimes against teenagers. He’s not a key man in the war for our nation’s very existence. He’s aiming to be one senator out of 100, serving out a half-term. And he’s not been held accountable in any way, shape, or form for his misconduct. Instead, he’s seeking elevation to a position of public trust. Other than that, yeah, he’s Patton.

I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, Borland had approvingly quoted a professor who put Moore in the same sentence as the author of the Declaration of Independence, America’s foremost civil rights hero, another of our nation’s great military minds, and a Union prodigy in the Civil War. It’s not quite like comparing Donald Trump to King David, but not even Trumpkins believe that Moore alone can Make America Great Again.

David French obviously resents conservatives for refusing to obey the National Review and put Hillary Clinton in office.

Read the entire piece.

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