Can the Illegal Vote in 2016 be Stopped?

On the assumption that, as a bloc, illegal aliens will vote for Democrats, Obama and the Democrats are recruiting illegal aliens to vote in 2016 Texas Federal Judge Andrew Hanen issued a ruling against Obama’s directive for DHS to stop deportation procedures against illegals. His 123-page opinion states clearly that the DHS was not given any ‘discretion by law’ to grant 4.3 million removable aliens ‘legal presence.'” Judge Hanen wrote. “In fact, the law mandates that these illegally-present individuals be removed.”

In defiance of this order, Obama issued three-year amnesty permission to several thousand illegals. In response to this unlawful move, Judge Hanen warned that these permits must be retrieved by the end of July. Anyone who refuses to return them will forfeit amnesty and be subject to immediate deportation. DHS claims to be complying with the order, but if they do not succeed, DHS Director Jeh Johnson will stand in Judge Hanen’s court to explain why. Judge Hanen is quoted as saying that “the Court intends to utilize all available powers to compel compliance.” But, notwithstanding Judge Hanen’s valid intentions, this all may prove a pyrrhic victory, because illegals already in the US are being issued drivers licenses which allow them to register automatically to vote, and, while it is illegal for anyone not a US citizen to vote in US elections, under severe penalties, the Democrats hope that enough fraudulent votes will be cast to create overwhelming confusion to electoral outcomes as to make corrections a prohibitively expensive and drawn out process.

The recent decision by the US Supreme Court prohibiting states from imposing ID requirements for registration further complicates the issue. And, to make their intentions even clearer, Liberal Democrats on the DC City Council proposed that non-citizens who have permanent residence be allowed to vote in their local elections. The camel’s nose is in the tent; the non-citizen vote in local elections sets a precedent for expanding this rule to larger elections. In such a case, the GOP primary wouldn’t matter, because enough legitimate votes would be nullified to allow non-citizen votes to rule. Add to that the fact that through massive voter fraud from refugees granted asylum, visa recipients, states issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards to illegals and the Supreme Court decision that nobody needs to show proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote and when casting a vote, especially by mail-in ballot, the votes of legitimate American citizens could be permanently nullified.

voter fraudThere seems to be only one solution on the horizon if the states themselves will act. The state legislatures of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and any Republican majority northern states must pass
legislation making it a state crime for any non-citizen to vote in any election held in that state, violations to be punishable by five years and a $100,000.00 fine.
If the states can’t check their citizenship when they register there is nothing to stop the states from checking afterwards.

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This will not be easy. As author Ed Wood points out in his article entitled Voter Fraud Time Again, appearing in the July 20, 2015 edition of Freedom Outpost, there are multiple mechanisms in place to produce massive voting fraud that will neutralize legal votes and create an almost guaranteed landslide for Democrats. He cites:

Electronic vote tabulation (which can be manipulated); Voter intimidation at the polling place as was done in past elections by organizations such as the Black Panthers; Multiple registrations in two or more states; Same day registration and voting; On-line voting; Swamping Election Offices with thousands of last-minute voter registrations (the signatures on which may be fraudulent, but unverifiable with insufficient time to investigate them by Election Day, and so are often just approved); Voting outside the precinct of residence; Universal voter registration; Felon voting (Note that Obama visited a federal prison last week, where he commuted the sentences of 64 felons—read that “voters”).

The aforementioned solution would not address is the exorbitant cost of providing benefits to illegals, because that cost, while borne by American taxpayers, is not controlled by the states. Only Congress can remove these benefits and that is unlikely, because Republicans too enjoy the benefit of extremely cheap labor provided by illegals, while ignoring costs. Thus, they actually help Democrats to changing demographics in their favor.

illegals votePeople like Judge Andrew Hanen stand on the battlements, but do so while ordinary Americans sit silently by and watch the carnival in Washington DC. But, measures must to be taken. Donald Trump was not wrong. Mexico exports its undesirables to the US. Statistics support that our country is flooded with drug traffickers, gang members, rapists, thieves and other criminals. The dangers of illegal immigration are real and threatening.

In the January 30, 2015 Washington Times, Stephen Dinan reported data released by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley that “One thousand of the 36,000 illegal immigrant criminals the government released in 2013 have gone on to commit other crimes, including child sex abuse, hit-and-run and child cruelty…” The article also cites drunken-driving, drug offenses, weapons convictions, domestic abuse, carjacking, aggravated assault, child cruelty, probation violations, speeding, driving without a license, and failing to appear in court.

No specific detail is given about gang involvement, but the probability is substantial. In a July 23, 2014 report on entitled “Illegal Immigration and Gangs” author Michael Snyder writes that one out of every five illegal aliens has a criminal record. These include rapists, murderers, drug dealers and hardcore gang members. The author quotes Texas State Senator Dan Patrick saying that illegal immigrants have been formally charged with nearly half a million crimes in his state over the past four years alone.  He also says there are “at least 100,000 illegal immigrant gang members” living in Texas. Patrick also said that from 2008 to 2012, 143,000 illegal immigrant criminals arrested and jailed in Texas were “hardened criminals, gang members, and other criminals.”

Notwithstanding efforts by a bloated Federal government to intimidate states out or their 10th Amendment prerogatives, states can seize back their legitimate states’ rights by taking a stand against encroachments against them. Admittedly, this may be costly, as when Arizona had to spend money defending its right to enforce existing immigration law by questioning the immigration status of suspects. The legal battle is said to have cost millions paid by Arizona taxpayers.

Even winning against the Federal government is costly. When 26 states sued the Federal Government in the case ultimately decided by Judge Hanen, the Federal government did not pay the states’ legal fees. But the fight, however costly, must be waged. Federal policy has gradually moved leftward over the past decades, regardless of which party occupies the White House or Congress. And Mr. Obama’s imperious attitude and lawless issuance of Directives verges on totalitarian dictatorship. Only the states can stop Obama and his cronies in their destruction of the American system.

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