Can the Establishment Stop the Trump Train? In a Year of Electoral Anger, It Would Appear Not!

“I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president. . . .  It’s not hosting a talk show, or a reality show.” 

—Barack Obama, charactering Donald Trump as nothing more than an actor, just as Ronald Reagan was similarly typified


Electoral Anger: If You Build It, Trump Will Come

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Republicans took control of the House of Representatives in 2010, as a backlash to the passing of Obamacare and all the new rules being written to make life more difficult.  It would take two more electoral cycles to take back the Senate, but, once accomplished, the American people expected Republicans to bring the socialistic, pro-Islamic Obama domestic agenda to a screeching halt.  At a minimum, the Congress was supposed to defund the most heinous of Obama’s freedom-killing and economy-crushing statist initiatives.  After the electoral landslide of November 2014, which was a huge wave of anti-Obama/anti-Democrat sentiment, the public patiently waited for Republicans to take the actions they had promised during the 2014 campaign season.  And they waited, and waited, and waited. . . .


A Lesson Learned: The Democrat Party Now Runs the Republican Party

What the public learned from the failure of the Republican majority to take meaningful action was this: there exists in Washington a unified political Establishment that is corrupt to its core, and most of the Republicans in DC are RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) whose agenda is apparently set by the Democrats.  This realization on the part of the grassroots meant that the soil had become fertile for the presidential campaign of a total outsider to take root during the 2016 election cycle.  And the fact that the press had defended Obama and the Democrats in every scandal they perpetrated against the American people, in their un-Constitutional usurpation of the people’s lawmaking power, and in their attack on every right under the Bill of Rights, caused the public to deeply mistrust the political narratives being constructed by traditional media outlets.


It Gets Worse: Fox News Is Beholden to Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

Added to all this, even Fox News began to show obvious bias, pooh-poohing Trump’s candidacy early on and all but ignoring [score]Ted Cruz[/score] to the point of changing the topic every time his name was mentioned (the exceptions being Sean Hannity, on Fox News, and Lou Dobbs, on Fox Business News); at one point, a Fox anchor, when asked about Cruz, answered by citing [score]Marco Rubio[/score] in response.  It is likely that Trump’s proposal to pause Muslim immigration into the US and Cruz’s suggestion to stop immigration from countries with high degrees of terrorism are at the root of Fox’s decision not to take the Trump and Cruz campaigns seriously.

It was Donald Trump who finally decided to make an issue of Al-Waleed bin Talal’s owns a minority share of Fox in January of 2016, for all those who were unaware of the fact.  All of this is important, not only because Trump is disenchanted by Obama’s immigration policy vis-à-vis Muslims, but also because the Bush family has a close friendship with the Saudi royal family, and Fox’s favorite candidate to promote—until the day he suspended his campaign—was Jeb Bush.  And Fox coverage of the primaries still lacks balance, preferring to give John Kasich—who has no realistic path to his party’s nomination—an inordinate amount of campaign coverage, perhaps due to the fact that Kasich allowed 91,000 Somalian refugees into Ohio (over 90% of whom are now on welfare).  Fox used to be the one place where people could reasonably trust that news would be fact-based and largely free of propaganda.  But now, it has become obvious that even Fox has been corrupted, with most of their news anchors and program hosts allied to Islamic interests.


Stump-for-Trump Girls Change from Democrat to Republican

Donald Trump 2Back in September 2015, Diamond and Silk, two African-American women, decided to make it their cause to see to it that as many voters jumped on the “Trump Train” as possible.  They made a video, where they cried out, “GOP!  Y’all should be thankin’ Donald Trump that people are changin’ their parties, because it is because of him that people are goin’ from Democrat to Republican!  So don’t get it twisted.  It’s because of Donald. . . .”  The entire video, a little under four minutes, was uploaded to YouTube on September 21, 2015, and was subtitled as follows: “Diamond and Silk will vote for Donald Trump in the primaries, we want him as the nominee and the front runner for president.  Since the GOP and the media is against Donald Trump then we the American people will stand with Donald Trump #stump4trump.”

Diamond and Silk are not as special as one might think, in terms of their “ditch-and-switch” attitude, when it comes to the Democrat Party.  The Democrats are seen as the ultimate villains by many, since they are seen as the real puppeteers behind the problems with both parties.  Some polls are showing an exodus of up to 20% from the Democrat Party in order to vote for Donald Trump, while only 14% of Republicans would consider crossing party lines to vote for Clinton.  This is a 6% statistical advantage that the Republicans are enjoying, due to Trump’s candidacy, and it could be the margin that wins in November for the Republicans.


Due to His Dependence on Donors, Cruz Is Unlikely to Be the Nominee

Ted Cruz is possibly the most nimble thinker in America on issues involving the US Constitution.  Alan Dershowitz, a renowned lawyer and professor at Harvard Law, has said that Cruz is the most brilliant student of the law he has ever taught.  And Cruz has been a tireless advocate for the American people and a faithful promise-keeper while US Senator for the people of Texas.  A skilled debater, Cruz has argued with the best, helping the Princeton debate team become one of the best in the country while an undergraduate there, and winning in front of the Supreme Court as Texas Solicitor General.  While Cruz is a strong candidate to become the country’s chief executive, he has had to accept donor money, not only from individuals but from corporate interests as well.  Trump is beholden to no one, and this seems to be an especially important issue with voters this political season.


Trump’s Communication Style & His Independence Are Important to Voters

It is also true that Trump speaks to the average American in a way that is almost universally comprehensible.  Trump never uses a ten-dollar word when a one-dollar word will do.  Many pundits have criticized him for being a simpleton.  But Trump is certainly one of the most educated and successful people in the country with some of the easiest access to information.  Actually, there is a method to Trump’s madness.  He wants to make himself accessible to everyone; and it takes an intelligent person to be able to speak on a level that is easy for everybody to understand.  Trump has, in essence, has been nothing less than brilliant in how he breaks ideas down into discrete, easy-to-digest units that facilitate comprehension while not talking down to people.  It is pure genius, the kind of communication we have not seen since Ronald Reagan—another candidate beloved by the people but hated by the Republican Establishment.

The Republican Establishment, it must be pointed out, referred to Reagan as an “amiable dunce” while he was running, although they never threatened to run a third-party Republican against Reagan if he won the nomination.  The fact that today’s RINO Party is trying to stop an immensely successful Republican candidate only serves to underscore the depth of the corruption in Washington.  Most Democrats and Republicans must be quaking in their boots, fearing that Trump, with nothing to lose in terms of lobbyist bribes, will expose them for the pigs at the trough that most of them are.  Many RINOs have expressed the sentiment that they would rather Clinton win than Trump!  And Hillary Clinton is an unabashed advocate of a socialist police state!  It is altogether likely that, should the Republicans pull such a stunt as to run another candidate against Trump, most Americans would make the choice to vote for Trump anyway.


Enough Is Enough

In the minds of most Americans, enough is enough.  Americans have had it with corrupt Washington elites, and the DC Establishment has made one too many withdrawals from the emotional bank accounts of American voters.  It would seem that only a true Washington outsider can begin the process of healing the divisiveness that has been inflicted upon the American public by Barack Obama and the Democrat/RINO Establishment.  The Trump Train has left the station.  And its inexorable advance now seems unstoppable.  The only question remains whether or not the Republican Party will throw itself in the path of the Trump juggernaut, quite possibly committing political suicide in the process.

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