Our Call – We Want Col. Allen West to be the Next Speaker of the House

One of the quirky little rules of our legislature as laid out in the Constitution allows for the members of the House of Representatives to elect (by majority not plurality) the Speaker of the House. That’s not the quirky part – the quirky part is that the person elected as Speaker doesn’t actually have to be a member of the House of Representatives.

So Joe Blow the mechanic from Kokomo, Indiana can mount a campaign to be elected Speaker of the House, and if he can convince a majority of members of the House of Representatives to vote for him… he can totally be the next Speaker of the House! In fact, back in 2013 some GOP lawmakers did cast their votes for men who would not be part of the legislature in the new Congress.

In 2013 Representatives Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Paul Broun (R-GA) both voted for outgoing Rep. Allen West (R-FL) as Speaker, while Walter Jones (R-NC) voted for former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker. (A pick so obscure that Jones was forced to repeat his vote when those recording weren’t sure whom he was speaking of.)

So here’s what I was thinking…

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The conservative caucus of the GOP should work together to find a candidate for Speaker that will satisfy us (the grassroots conservative base) and not scare of the mainstream GOP House members. They should decide to stand together and vote as a block for ONE Candidate who could feasibly unseat John Boehner. They should choose someone from outside of their current ranks.

They should choose Col. Allen West.

We are joining together with many of our friends and colleagues to call on the House GOP to select Allen West as their next Speaker.

I don’t know that Col. West wants the job. I’m not sure he would take it. But I know that we need less backdoor, underhanded deal making in Washington, D.C. and more principled conservative stands. Boehner is too quick to work with the Obama White House and too slow to hear what we in the grassroots are saying.

One example of the problem with Boehner’s leadership comes to us from Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) who reminds of the egregious move Boehner made to undercut conservatives back in March of 2014.

Numerous but less publicized examples of legislative malpractice exist. For instance, on March 27, 2014, our leadership suspected it did not have support to pass an unfunded $10 billion Medicare spending bill. After delaying the scheduled vote twice that morning, they told members the House was in recess. Then, after members dispersed to their offices, in the course of less than 53 seconds, our leadership gaveled the House back in session and passed the bill on a voice vote with less than a dozen members present. Nearly every member of Congress resents this abuse of the speaker’s power and none will defend it.


This is exactly the reason we so desperately need a man of principle like Col. West. Can you imagine Allen West ever resorting to such underhanded tactics to undermine the democratic process? Moves like the one recounted by Rep. Massie have become all too normal in the Boehner led House and it must be stopped.

During his time in office as a Representative from the Sunshine State, Col. West proved himself to be an intelligent and adept politician. He is as wise as a serpent, yet strong and stable like an oak. He is not spiteful, he does not seek the opportunity to make enemies, but he also does not back away from a fight simply because it may not be popular. Col. West stands by his convictions and does not compromise his values, his morals or that which he knows to be right.

Our country is always in need of men like Allen West, but can’t we be honest and say we need men like him now more than ever?

Will you stand with me now, contact your House representative and ask… nay, demand… that they support Col. Allen West as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives? We can do this. If enough of us shout, we will make our voices heard. If we stand, others will join us. If we work together – we can change the course of events to come.

But hurry, the vote happens later today and we don’t have much time to mount this opposition…

Allen West for Speaker of the House.


See the Letter we joined Calling for the GOP to elect Allen West as the next Speaker of the House.

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