California Secession Movement Growing Following Trump’s White House Win

Whenever conservatives or libertarians talk about secession, liberals call them right wing extremists who obviously want to relive the Civil War. Some might even say that talk of secession is just code for a return to slavery.

But when it’s liberals who want to secede, it’s totally different.

There’s a group in California called The Yes California Independence Campaign – or just Yes California – who think it might actually be possible this time.

The secession movement in California has been around a long time, but Donald Trump’s win has made enough people in the state angry enough that seceding might be doable. As many have pointed out, if it weren’t for California, Donald Trump would have won the national popular vote. Hillary’s margin of victory in the west coast state was the largest victory margin since 1936.

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The pro-secession group filed paperwork last month for a ballot measure in 2018. People would vote on whether or not to remove language in the state constitution that currently binds California to the United States. The Los Angeles Daily News reported:

If its ballot measure succeeds, Yes California would pursue a 2019 vote to declare the state’s independence. At least half of the state’s voters would have to cast ballots and 55 percent would have to choose independence for California to become its own nation, according to document Yes California filed with the Attorney General’s office.

Yes California contends that they are such culturally different people that they’d be better served by separating from the United States and taking care of themselves. The Daily News added:

In arguing for independence, Yes California contends that the state’s tax dollars subsidize the rest of America and that red-state politics marginalize California’s more progressive values. California can stand alone as a world economic power, secession advocates say.

“We believe in two fundamental truths,” reads a statement on Yes California’s website. “(1) California exerts a positive influence on the rest of the world, and (2) California could do more good as an independent country than it is able to do as a just a U.S. state.”

Interestingly, as part of their push to become internationally recognized, they opened up a “culture center” in Moscow, Russia. In announcing earlier this month of their Moscow location, they stated: “The Yes California Independence Campaign successfully opened its first of many planned California culture centers which will serve to build a bridge between the nation of California and the nations of the world.”

It’s interesting that a group whose popularity is increasing because of anger fomented by Donald Trump’s victory has opened a location in Russia, supposedly a country that was the reason Hillary Clinton lost and Trump won. Go figure.

At any rate, if the people of California want to secede, I think they should have that right.

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