California Schools Force Students into Gender Sensitivity Training, Say Parents have No Say

This isn’t the first time that Californians have been warned about California’s Healthy Youth Act – you can read about it here.


I am shocked but I’m not surprised.

A Facebook user named Stefanie Duncan Fetzer recently posted  a memo she uncovered from the Orange County Department of Education explaining to their employees that parents have no right to oppose what the schools decide to teach their children.

The situation started when Orange County School District told their parents that they would soon be teaching their children material that discussed gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Some parents objected and told the schools that they’d prefer to pull their children out of these lessons, so the school checked with the government and learned that, thanks to California’s fascist laws, they could force the students to take the class… and the parents couldn’t do anything about it. (Other than move out of California that is.)


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Here’s what Fetzer wrote on her Facebook Feed:

I’m sorry people, but dammit! Wake up!

New sex ed curriculum was introduced last year. This curriculum was not written by educators. Or education specialists. It was written by activists. Activists!

The new sex ed curriculum includes in depth ‘education’ on gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. Now, maybe you’re ok with this. Good for you. But, not all parents think it is the place of a teacher to have these sensitive discussions with their children.

In CA, parents have the right to opt their child out of the sex ed curriculum. Except in this case. No opt out. This new curriculum is magically exempt from opt out!

At least the guys in OC are generous enough to inform that parents still have the freedom to discuss this issue with their kids and let them know whether or not they disagree with the policy or the material. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before that freedom is gone as well!

See, California law allows parents to excuse their children from parts of Sexual Education and HIV education… but the law explicitly excludes material involving gender and sexual orientation from Sex Ed.

Meaning the parent can keep the kid out of Sex Ed. but they have to let the school teach their children about sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, etc… As if these things weren’t part-and-parcel of what Sex Ed. is.

Yes, the school can’t teach your kids about HIV or the consequences of pre-marital sex without your say-so… but they can teach your kids about crossdressing, transgenderism, what homosexuality, heterosexuality, pansexuality, and any other type of sexuality is, even if you explicitly tell them not to. In fact, the curriculum even normalizes gender dysphoria (which science still consider a genuine psychological disorder) by pretending that it’s a totally natural thing.

But hey, if you read further down in the memo… the school does give parents permission to tell their children that they “disagree with some or all of the information presented in the instructional program.” Further, the school system says that parents can “express these views on these subjects with their children.”

Well… thanks, for telling us what we can and can’t tell our children.

I'm sorry people, but dammit! Wake up!New sex ed curriculum was introduced last year. This curriculum was not written…

Posted by Stefanie Duncan Fetzer on Monday, April 16, 2018

This isn’t the first time that Californians have been warned about California’s Healthy Youth Act – you can read more about it here.

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