California School District Makes Shocking Decision on Guns!


Utter surprise.

Complete disbelief.

A school district in CALIFORNIA just did something that actually makes sense.

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Now, to be clear, the Kingsburg High School District is in a conservative corner of the state, so if anything rational, intelligent, and sensible is going to happen, it’s going to happen there… but still, it’s California, so I’m surprised.

The citizens of Kingsburg have just voted to allow up to five responsible adults in their school district to carry a firearm in an effort to defend their children from a possible attacker. The policy was chosen as a measure to ensure the safety of the people on a campus that has no police presence or fences to stop a possible assailant from wandering on campus.

The school superintendent, Randy Morris, told Fox News that for him “the expectation of the superintendent is, given the situation, you will protect staff and students with your firearm that you’ve been granted permission to carry.” Superintendent Morris will hand pick the five staff members who will be armed and their names will be kept secret in an effort to protect them from any pushback to the policy.

As reporter William La Jeunesse alludes in his report, this particular policy seems to be gaining support around the country as more and more people realize that our children are less safe in gun free zones, not more safe. As a point of fact, these mass shooting situations are usually resolved when the gunmen finally encounters armed resistance.

It’s refreshing to see school districts using facts, data, and common sense to develop the policies that run their schools instead of relying on the usual liberal palaver that is so often devoid of any real evidence. Hopefully we’ll begin to see more schools acting in defense of our children instead of in defense of the fallacy filled liberal arguments that usually take priority.

As the Democrats are so fond of saying, “it should be about protecting our children.” Now let’s back the sentiment up with action and give more of our schools the ability to defend themselves.

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