California Sanctuary State Status Gets Illegals Arrested

The sanctuary law has forced ICE to operate in a way that gets illegals arrested who they would have otherwise ignored.

The illegals arrested by ICE in a recent sweep in the California Bay Area included over fifty who were not high priority targets. ICE would rather concentrate its resources on those who are committing crimes (over and above sneaking into the country and posing as legal residents). But they don’t have the cooperation of law enforcement in California. So instead of being informed of illegal aliens in jails or at trials, they have to go find them directly.

It is no surprise that this leads ICE to other illegal aliens as well.

The Washington Times reports, “ICE blames Calif. sanctuary law for illegals’ arrests.

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Of the 232 arrests, 115 had felony or serious misdemeanor records. Another 65 had either been deported before and snuck back in, or were ignoring final deportation orders […].

But the remaining 52 were likely snared when officers were out in their communities looking for the priority targets.

In a statement announcing the final tallies, ICE said it was forced to go into the communities after California’s sanctuary policies cut off almost all cooperation and denied access to prisons and jails, leaving criminal migrants free.

“ICE has no choice but to continue to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests […],” the agency said.

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