California Resistance Is “All-Out Warfare”?

As California resistance to the White House grows, state politicians openly side with criminals.

Describing California resistance as “all-out warfare” seems drastic. Surely that cannot be literally true, can it? But publicly warning lawbreakers about law enforcement operations and thus obstructing duly-appointed Constitutional authorities from doing their duty does seem like a hostile action against the U.S. Government.

These politicians are defending their voters. Their actions are direct evidence that illegal aliens are already voting.

The Washington Times reports, “Trump vs. California feud escalates to all-out warfare.

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The Trump administration’s simmering feud with California has turned into all-out warfare over immigration after Oakland’s mayor warned illegal immigrants this week of looming sweeps — leading Homeland Security’s deportation chief to accuse her of endangering her city and his officers.

Analysts said there was no comparison in recent memory for the sort of bad blood that’s developed between President Trump and California’s leaders, who have legislated, sued, tweeted and used just about every other tool at their disposal to try to stymie the administration.

Things grew particularly tense this week with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s warning to her city’s illegal immigrants that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was conducting a major operation in the Bay Area.

ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan compared her to a gang snitch on the lookout for police, and said more than 800 criminal migrants escaped the sweep — some of them almost certainly alerted by Ms. Schaaf’s warning.

“This is beyond the pale,” Mr. Homan said on Fox News.

California is just one of the states vying for title of chief of the anti-Trump resistance. New York is also in the running, along with Hawaii, each of which have led major lawsuits against the administration.

But California’s resistance is broader and deeper, including a statewide sanctuary law that took effect Jan. 1, and lawsuits against Mr. Trump’s sanctuary-city crackdown, his border wall plans and his phase-out of the Obama-era DACA deportation amnesty.

In the early rounds of the legal battle, California has scored victories on DACA and sanctuary policy, while the president won the first skirmish over the border wall this week.

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