California DMV: 1000’s Of Voter Registrations Mishandled

The California DMV may have just botched 23,000 voter registrations. Oh, but don’t worry it’s just a minor glitch. Assemblyman Patterson is accusing the DMV of covering up the incident. It was made public Wednesday, a month after officials first became aware of problems.

The DMV said none of the applicants were undocumented immigrants, but how do they know who is, or is not illegal when they don’t ask for proof of citizenship? Can you believe any of this or is it a story trying to cover up voter fraud?

Sacramento Bee:

The California Department of Motor Vehicles on Wednesday said it has discovered it sent the Secretary of State’s Office 23,000 erroneous voter registrations.

The agency said the errors occurred within the state’s Motor Voter program — which allows eligible applicants getting a driver license to be automatically registered to vote.

The DMV said the errors stem from technicians toggling between multiple screens and registration information being improperly merged. According to the agency, 1,600 residents did not complete a voter registration affidavit and had their information sent to the secretary of state, which maintains the state’s list of registered voters. The DMV said none of the applicants were undocumented immigrants.

“We are committed to getting this right and are working closely with the Secretary of State’s office to correct the errors that occurred,” DMV Director Jean Shiomoto said in a statement.

In some cases, people were registered in the wrong party. Some customers who wished to opt out of the program were added.

In a letter sent to the Secretary of State Alex Padilla on Wednesday, the department said the inaccurate customer information largely affected “voter preferences such as, vote-by-mail options, language and political party selections.” More

This is outrageous! The DMV must be audited ASAP. 23,000 people’s voter registrations were erroneously entered.

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