Cal State Demands Segregation…From Whites

I guess the Plessy v. Ferguson decision of 1896 is back in vogue.

The May 17, 1954 unanimous (9–0) verdict in the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka stated that “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal” and was a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, therefore, overturning the Plessy v. Ferguson verdict.

Brown v. Board was so controversial that Attorney Generals and Governors became involved trying to prevent integration in their states school systems. Texas Attorney General John Ben Shepperd staged a campaign to prevent integration in Texas’ schools. Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus went as far as to call out his state’s National Guard to block black students’ entry to Little Rock Central High School.

Governors of Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama tried to stop the desegregation of their states schools. As for Arkansas, they finally desegregated when President Dwight Eisenhower responded by federalizing Arkansas’s National Guard.

Fast forward to 2017 and it would seem that California State University, Los Angeles has ignored the Brown v. Board verdict and has started segregating black students. But before you start calling the administrators and university President William Covino a racist there is something you should know.

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The segregation is at the demand of the CSU Black Student Union, the Afrikan Black Coalition. The Afrikan Black Coalition demanded housing space delegated for black students and their own full-time resident director who can cater to their needs.

They’re not just demanding to be segregated, but also demanding $20,000 per quarter allocated to the Black Student Union, a $30 million dollar scholarship endowment to assist black students, a new anti-discrimination policy, cultural competency course for faculty and students, compulsory ethnic studies courses for first and year second year students, and more black students hired for on-campus positions.

Regression is what happens when snowflakes are overly offended. They need to be sheltered from reality and the real world. They need safe spaces so if they come into contact with someone with a differing opinion they can hide and not be triggered. This is the hallmark of the Regressive Left, they have jaundiced colleges and universities of the West.

The executive director for communications and public affairs for the University, Robert Lopez waxed progressively “the community is not segregated.” That seems like an odd statement seeing that it was Cal State’s Black Student Union that made the demand for “housing space delegated for black students.” On the Afrikan Black Coalition’s webpage it states it was “founded to preserve the cultural traditions and political fervor of Diasporic Africans,” that statement doesn’t conjure images of segregation to me.

Lopez goes on to say that “We want to provide our students with experiences that are . . . inclusive and nondiscriminatory,” and emphasizes that “We do not have segregated housing, that is illegal.”

In order to downplay the segregation and make it seem like a small issue, Lopez said that last year the student body was only “4.4 percent African-American” and so far, “Only 24 students applied and were accepted to live in the community.” They even gave the dorms a sanitary, safe sounding name: Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community.

And then there is the argument that other schools are doing it also; Cal State LA joins UConn, UC Davis, and Berkeley in offering segregated housing dedicated to black students.

So I guess that means, it’s okay.

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