CA Man Sues Lottery for Refusing to Pay Out $5 Million on Winning Scratcher

A California man won $5 million on a scratch off ticket. However, the California Lottery Commission is refusing to pay him for it, because they claim the ticket is invalid.

The man’s sixteen year old son bought the winning ticket, along with four other tickets, by trading in five other winning scratchers on October 16.

The Lottery Commission is claiming that they do not owe the money because it was technically bought by an underage boy.

Fox News:

Ward Thomas filed a lawsuit with the Los Angeles Superior Court claiming the commission’s failure to discharge a mandatory duty, breach of contract, negligence and both intentional and negligent representation. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

A California Lottery representative did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Thomas validated the ticket at a 7-Eleven store in Long Beach that same day and then validated it again the next day at the lottery office in Santa Ana, the suit states.

However, on Dec. 5, the Lottery  Commission told Thomas that his award was being denied because his son was a minor and therefore was “not legally able to play the lottery,” the suit states.

I find this interesting because you can find a winning ticket laying on the street, pick it up, scratch it off, and then proceed to walk in and claim the prize. You have no idea who bought it, yet you still win the prize.

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Do you think the man should receive his $5 million? Or do you think he needs to suck it up since he did not buy the ticket, but rather had his underage son go in to exchange them?

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