CA Lawmakers Dropped Single-Payer Bill; Guess How Leftists Responded [VIDEO]

Responses to the Dem who dropped single-payer were over the top, but Leftists don’t seem to care.

California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon dropped single-payer health care (AKA socialized medicine) reluctantly—only after it became clear that California could not afford it. So, what did some Leftists do?

They threatened to treat Rendon the way James Hodgkinson treated Republicans. According to Breitbart, one commenter even warned him to stay away from playing baseball.

But the death threats were not as bad as the reaction of an organized Leftist group that lobbied for the socialized medicine program. They actually downplayed the threats while using violent language to attack anyone who gets in the way of single payer!

Breitbart reports, “Left Sends Death Threats to California Speaker for Dropping Single-Payer Health Care.

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The California Nurses Association, which supports the single-payer bill, has reportedly dismissed Rendon’s claims about receiving death threats as an attempt to distract the public.

“There are real death threats out there,” said California Nurses Association spokesperson Chuck Idleson to the Mercury News, “for people who are facing a loss of health care.”

On Wednesday, protesters from the California Nurses Association flooded the State Capitol and displayed a banner reading “Inaction = Death,” according to the Los Angeles Times. They also held signs depicting the California state flag, with a knife in the back of the familiar bear. They accused Speaker Rendon of stabbing the bear in the back.

At the national level, Democrats have used similar language to protest Republicans’ effort to overhaul Obamacare, claiming the GOP is killing thousands of people.

Read the entire Breibart story.

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