Buy a Gun and Stand Up to Obama’s Unconstitutional Gun Grab

The Second Amendment is part of the “law of the land” because its in the Bill of Rights which, of course, is in the Constitution. President Obama wants to put more restrictions of American citizens who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The thing of it is, the President has no authority to make law. An Executive Order that violates the Constitution is not a law. An Executive Order to diminish any part of the Bill of Rights should be an impeachable offense.

Therefore, whatever the President and his Attorney General decide to do to restrict gun ownership by making it more difficult to purchase and possess firearm will be an unconstitutional act.

Since the establishment GOP will only talk about what Obama does and won’t do anything to stop him, it’s up to us peacefully to defy him.

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The best way to do that is to buy at least one gun. If you already have a gun, buy another one. You can always trade it, use it for barter, pass it down to your children and grandchildren, use it for defense, or put it on display accompanied with a sign like this one:




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