Bush Officeholder Made Head of Homeland Security

Kirstjen Nielsen was a Bush officeholder who is being put in charge of the DHS.

So, Donald Trumps nominee to lead DHS was a Bush officeholder who supports amnesty. What could go wrong?

I’d love to believe that Trump was somehow “playing 4D chess” with this choice, but it is hard to do so. The President seems to feel obligated to make concessions to deep state Republicans. Why else would he choose Nikki Haley for the U.N.? I hope he is able to fulfill more of his promises without being obstructed by Nielsen.

Breitbart reports, “LADY DACA – Pro-Amnesty, Bush Bureaucrat With Ties to ‘Never Trump’ Movement Confirmed to Lead DHS – Breitbart.

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When Nielsen was chosen by Trump to lead DHS, members of the failed “Never Trump” movement, Breitbart News reported, immediately praised her nomination as a win for the national security establishment. Never Trumpers championing Nielsen’s nomination included pro-amnesty DHS Secretary Tom Ridge, former Bush official Frances Townsend, and former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff.


As chair of the World Economic Forum committee, Nielsen promoted mass immigration to Europe and the U.S., claiming Western nations did not have a choice and needed to accept millions of migrants. That report, as Breitbart News reported, was co-authored by executives from multinational corporations and world banks.

Not only does Nielsen’s prior experience run contrary to Trump’s populist-nationalist agenda on immigration, but her current views on illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens ignore the president’s pro-American agenda.

During a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, Nielsen said she believed that Americans “owe” amnesty to illegal aliens who have been shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Read the entire Breitbart story.

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