Bush and Obama Attack Deplorables Together [VIDEO]

It cannot be a coincidence that these two deep state champions would attack Deplorables on the same day.

In launching the two-pronged attack on “Trumpism,” the two ex-presidents could not help but attack deplorables. After all, the voters knew what they wanted. Donald Trump doesn’t have the power to control voters. The only thing he could do is make promises and convince people he would fulfill those promises.

If you want to know why “Trumpism” became so widespread among Americans, the answer lies in the sixteen years of Bush-Obama.

The media expects us to believe that the attacks weren’t coordinated.

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Business Insider reports, “2 former presidents — from both parties — blast the state of American politics in unprecedented day.

The two most recent former US presidents on Thursday blasted the state of US politics in events that were separated by less than 20 miles.


It’s long-standing tradition for past presidents and vice presidents to provide a grace period for a new administration, during which they do not provide commentary critical of the current White House. While both Bush and Obama did not mention Trump, the criticism of US politics from both men is unprecedented at this young stage of a presidency.

It is rare for former presidents to criticize an administration at any point, even past the so-called grace period.

Read the full Business Insider story.

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