Bus Driver Arranges the Vicious Beating of a White Family

We lived in a messed up world. The terrorist attacks in Canada, the rise of ISIS, Putin’s expansion of the Russian “empire”, Chinese persecution of religion and Islamic persecution of Christianity… I am surprised that I still get shocked by the depravity of humanity. This story shocked me.

A white family (Mother and son, with the mom’s boyfriend) got on a bus in Baltimore and apparently had a disagreement with the bus driver. For reasons we may never know, the driver snapped and arranged for a crowd of high school age students to meet her bus at a nearby stop. When those students got on the bus the driver told them to “take care of” the family wherever they exited.

When the family disembarked the bus – the youths followed and began pepper spraying and beating all of them. The group got on and off the bus several times, all the while beating the family, in an attack that lasted at least 3 minutes. Sadly, the family also reports that the crowd on the bus was cheering on the attack.

Now, months later, the bus driver and the attackers are facing justice.

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WBAL-TV in Baltimore reported the driver allegedly told the three-member family to move to the back of the bus and got angry when they said it already was full.

The mother said the bus driver “got out of her seat belt, stood up screaming both of our faces, ‘Don’t tell me how to do my job. If you have a problem, come across this line and I’ll knock you the F out.”

Soon, Flaherty reported, “other black passengers started yelling for the bus driver to remove the white family from the bus.”

“One of the passengers urged the bus driver to use her phone and ‘call them up.’”

Then a few stops later, a large number of students board the bus.

The victims heard the driver tell the newly boarded students: “I don’t care where they get off. You handle that (beep) and I’ll take care of you. I’ll wait for you.”

Flahery said when the victims, including a 9-year-old and two adults, left the bus, more than a dozen students who had just boarded did the same.

“They beat and pepper-sprayed all three members of the family, choking and banging their heads on the ground – all while the bus driver waited and watched,” Flaherty reported.

“After the teens were finished with the beating, they got back on the bus, and the bus drove away, offering the victims no assistance, police said,” according to Flaherty’s report.

Why do we treat each other this way? How can “regular people” be so vicious with their neighbors? This is simply another sad display of the depravity of mankind and the need we have for redemption.

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