Bullies Abound in American Academia

How can action be generated from what is basically hearsay or at the very least, not substantiated?  It would seem that first, there has to be proof of an injustice before corrective or punitive measures can be considered.  Or am I being too sensible?

If media accounts are accurate, which is a big “if,” what began as a possible racial slur, one supposedly bellowed from a passing pick-up, has now morphed into a national uprising.  Am I getting this right?

In addition, it has been reported that since the University of Missouri’s President lacked any appropriate reaction, to an incident that happened off campus, his resignation should follow.

Muddying the waters was an individual who over reacted when initiating a private hunger strike.  Also, supportive were the actions of approximately thirty members of the University’s football team.  In their declarative statement, they announced their non-participation in next weekend’s game against BYU.  It should also be noted that the head coach supported this position.

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Confusion reigns over such bold actions and subsequent weak responses, since the administration acquiesced to demands largely from a non-verifiable incident.  Also consider the fact of the dozens of football players who were the recipients of athletic scholarships.  A report from a November 10th  Wall St Journal article detailed the breakdown of the football team, in part, with “84 scholarship players, 58 are African-American.”

Instead, a total capitulation of authority was the result.  The school’s President, Tim Wolfe resigned and the Chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin promised to leave at the end of the year.  Immediately, the hunger strike ended and the ball players returned to normal preparations for the BYU game.

If this is basically correct, one question demands an answer:  Are we crazy?

educationFirst off, the President and Chancellor must stand firm.  Official notice should have been given that when those belligerent football players turn in their uniforms, that their athletic scholarships were also being revoked.  Secondly, those back-up or reserve players would now be starters playing for a different head coach since along with the players the former head coach was out the door.  As for the hunger striker, his decision is his alone.

It is interesting to note that through this entire affair, one factor has never been mention.  Bullying comes in many forms with many different purposes and it operates best when the victim is weak.

Our Nation, with special emphasis upon the world of academia, has become blanketed with this asinine cloud of political correctness, PC for short.   Those that raised this issue are aware of these inhibitions.  It is with premeditation and in concert with this halting and stylized atmosphere that such demands are applied with the highest expectations for success. This is exactly the reason for all the eruptions on campuses across our Nation.

We have been gilded into this perversion of fairness by the undercurrent of anti-Americanism.  This is especially heightened at locations where individual actions, personal conduct and communication are officially controlled.  In essence, we are richly financing the indoctrination of those we love.

And what of the learning environment?  What is the practicality of a course entitled “Deviance in U.S. Society?”  This was offered last year at the University of Colorado.  It’s professor, Patricia Adler, “was forced out last year after a student teaching assistant complained…”  Again, this from a November 13th WSJ article, which continued with, “…some students, dress up to portray prostitutes, ‘could offend students’ based on nationality, gender and sexual orientation.”

Just what entails a “higher education” these days?  Teenagers certainly do not need an expensive course detailing the smutty side of life.  The term “well rounded” seems to have breeched its educational limits.

Also, where is the justification for the position of “vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion…?  This is the case “at UCLA where only 4% of students are black.”  Could it be that these courses which emphasize sexual/racial grievances have now become the motivation such anarchy?

In conclusion, one factor has yet to be heard from.  That would be the charitable alumni association of MU.  And no doubt, that voice will have its fair and final say.

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