If Bruce Jenner Can Transition into a Woman I Can Transition into an Olympic Athlete

I began my athletic career in the 7th grade with football and track and field. In the 9th grade I broke our school’s record in the shot put.

My senior year in high school I had broken every meet record in the shot put, including the Pennsylvania state record. I had the 5th best high school throw in the United States in 1968 and was invited to compete in the national high school meet the Golden West Invitational in Sacramento.

Alas, my athletic accomplishments did not continue in college. I later “transitioned” to the javelin.

Since learning that Bruce Jenner is transitioning to be a woman, I believe I can transition into an Olympic athlete through surgery, hormone treatments, and surgical muscle implants.

Jenner won the gold medal in the 1976 Olympics in the decathlon. The decathlon is a grueling test of athletic ability. A decathlete must compete in ten different track and field events: the 100 meter dash, 110 hurdles, shot put, discus, javelin, high jump, long jump, 400 meters, and the final event on the second day, the metric mile, 1500 meters.

The thing of it is, no amount of transitioning can ever make me good enough to compete as an internationally competitive athlete. There’s an old saying in sports, “You can’t get out what God didn’t put in.”

The best athletes are born with certain physical characteristics that can’t be surgically changed to make them world class athletes. Even steroids can’t enable a female athlete to compete with a world class male athlete. Steroids did not enable Barry Bonds to hit a 100 mile-per-hour fast ball with a round bat. Steroids only enhanced what was already there.

LGBT activists will argue that while Jenner’s sex is male, his gender is female because he now identifies as female. Who says? Prove it…


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