Broadway Actress Carole Cook Hopes for a New ‘John Wilkes Both’ to Assassinate Trump

Broadway star Carole Co wants to know why there has not yet been a modern “John Wilkes Booth” to assassinate President Donald Trump.

Broadway star Carole Cook wants to know why there has not yet been a modern “John Wilkes Booth” to assassinate President Donald Trump.

The aging actress stumbled through her answers to the stringer cameras of celebrity gossip site TMZ where she wistfully — and seemingly drunkenly — wished for the return of the presidential assassin.

“Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?” she blurted out obviously inordinately pleased with herself.

“Where is he when you need him?” Cook asked again before someone else asked, “So we need to kill President Trump?”

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“Why not?” Cook replied. “Now, will that get me in trouble? Will I be on an enemy’s list? My god I hope so… just keep me out of jail. Or maybe not.”

Clearly the aging player of make believe was dearly hoping for the Secret Service to call on her so she could get one last “15 minutes of fame” before the grave opens up for her.

Cook has been in show biz for over 50 years and has appeared in shows from The Lucy Show to Grey’s Anatomy. She has starred in a long list of Broadway productions including Hello, Dolly!

But, Cook’s wine-induced idiocy is just another example of how extreme the so-called “entertainment” industry is to the hate-filled, far left.

Imagine if someone on the right had advocated for an assassin to take out Barack Obama or even someone like Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, you may recall the months of attacks the media ginned up against Sarah Palin back in 2008 when all she did was use a “target” graphic on a map of congressional candidates she wanted to eliminate at the voting booth.

In 2008, when Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot, CNN’s Piers Morgan, among many others, immediately tried to equate Sarah Palin to this incident. On his Twitter feed Morgan linked Palin’s political action committee work from months prior to the shooting saying, “This now deleted image from Sarah Palin website will be reason this terrible shooting has huge political ramifications.” The image was Palin’s map of the U.S. that showed states where incumbents were vulnerable for challenge, the graphic used to identify those states contained a target motif. Morgan was trying to equate a political campaign to an act of murder.

It was all about the leftist media decrying the “violent rhetoric” of the right back then. Today, it is crickets as liberals are engaging in worse “rhetoric” than any conservative ever perpetrated.

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