British Special Forces Dress in Burqas for a Raid on ISIS Headquarters!


This is the kind of story that spawns a series of action movies. Earlier this week the UK news website Express ran a story about a daring raid on ISIS headquarters in Syria. Sure, the raid itself was something that should be praised, but the method and manner in which the SAS undertook the raid is where the story really becomes unique.

The eight-man British special forces team disguised themselves in full-length Islamic burqas to sneak into the ISIS capital city of Raqqa in an effort to kill a terrorist leader.

The eight-man SAS squad also eliminated several jihadi fighters after lifting up their burkas and opening fire on the stunned militants, who had no time to hide from the hail of bullets. 

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The group posed as the wives of ISIS chiefs by covering themselves from head-to-toe in the traditional black robes, managing to blag their way through to the group’s headquarters. 

They were driven through the town in a Toyota pick-up truck – the make favoured by jihadi murderers – with the help of local Syrians working with the secret service to help bring down ISIS. 

The elite troopers even managed to hide assault weapons, grenades and ammo beneath their roomy ankle-length gowns in case they encountered armed resistance from Islamist militants. 

After making their way through the town they located the house of a senior terrorist chief and used a transmitted to relay its location and coordinates to a US Air Force AWAC mission control aircraft circling thousands of feet above.

The American spy plane then passed the information onto a US Reaper drone, which seconds later fired a Hellfire missile into the building, vaporising the ISIS commander and several of his henchmen.

When jihadi militants heard the explosion they rushed onto the streets and discovered the burka-clad troopers, who took down several jihadis during a fierce gun battle as they fought their way to safety. 

When you compare the British method of hitting the Muslim terrorists of ISIS to the method preferred by President Obama, we begin to understand the problem with the Obama administration’s War on Terror plan. Instead of dropping hundreds of leaflets hours before a bombing, only to then call off that bombing because civilians have not left the marked location, the British sent in a tactical force and made sure to kill their target. While President Obama offers only lip service to the War on Terror, other nations seem to understand that the survival of Western Civilization may well be at stake. What makes the situation all the worse is that if our military were given the clearance to deal with matters in a timely, efficient and meaningful way… our fight in the Middle East may have ended years ago. Instead politics, political correctness and double-minded leaders have created an ever-worsening political quagmire.

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