British Police Crack Down on Pedophile Hunters

Allegedly they must look for any opportunity to prosecute pedophile hunters because they are trained to protect the rights of suspects.

I thought it was only on this side of the Atlantic, after Wikileaks exposed #Pizzagate, that the establishment resisted private pedophile hunters. Apparently, that is not true. It seems that the government law enforcement, just like any other government monopoly, is viscerally opposed to private competition.

I looked in vain in the Daily Mail story for anecdotes about innocent victims that were hurt by pedophile hunters, but found nothing.

So the police, who are already not catching all the pedophiles, instead of increasing their efforts, are going to harass pedophile hunters.

The Daily Mail reports, “Police are told to stop rise of paedophile hunters after the number of groups trying to track down perverts hits 75.

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Police have been told to stop the rise of pedophile hunters after the number of groups trying to snare online child abusers rose to more than 75.

They must now investigate any potential offences committed by the vigilantes, as well as the people they accuse of trying to groom children.

The new rule is included in internal guidance for detectives which was handed out last year and obtained by The Times.

Potential offences might include harassment, privacy offences or violent offences when the suspect is confronted.

The guidance also warns that hunters have ‘little or no consideration’ for the safeguarding requirements of victims of the pedophiles they have outed.

Read the full Daily Mail story.

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