British Muslims say Keep Your Dogs AWAY!

A local British MP (Member of Parliament) is upset after he says he saw a sign near a popular park for dog walkers that demanded dog owners stay out of Islamic areas.

The sign appeared near the popular recreation area of Bartlett Park and it says,

“Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs. This is an Islamic area now.”

The sign had been taped over a government sign that reminded pet owners to clean up after their pets. (The original sign said “Bag that poo, and rubbish bin will do.”)

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no dogs


The sign prompted Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick to write a letter to the Mayor of Tower Hamlets demanding something be done.

“Yesterday a sign was found in Bartlett Park, E14, which stated dogs were prohibited from entering the area because it was now “Islamic.” A concerned constituent sent a photo which I have attached for your consideration.

I have no idea whether this was posted by the EDL, Islamists or another organization or element. Regardless this is a highly divisive sign.

I am writing to request an investigation. I would also like to know what the Council is currently doing to prevent signs like this from appearing.”

Read the full letter here…

This is what happens when the Islamists take over folks… they get rid of the dogs. I wonder if cats are okay? Goldfish, maybe?

Who knows…?

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