British Liberals Embrace Border Control … for Franklin Graham

MPs and others have signed a petition calling for border control so that a conservative Christian is blocked from entering the U.K.

Even members of Parliament who don’t see a problem with mass Islamic immigration want border control when it comes to Franklin Graham. But they don’t seem to be aware of the irony.

It is such fascist behavior! U.K. citizens invited Franklin Graham to come to Britain, but these people who signed a petition to keep him out want to restrict those British citizens from hearing Graham speak. It they had any respect for the freedom of Englishmen they would simply refuse to go hear Graham speak.

The Christian Post reports, “Thousands Sign Petition Seeking to Ban Franklin Graham From Entering the UK.

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Members of the U.K. parliament and over 6,000 people have signed an online petition calling for leading American evangelist Franklin Graham to be refused entry into the country ahead of his scheduled trip to Blackpool next September.

Over 6,100 people have signed onto a petition calling for Graham, the son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, to be “banned” from entering the U.K. over his beliefs on LGBT issues and Islam, and fear he will do nothing but “promote prejudice and hatred.”

The movement to refuse Graham a visa has picked up some steam as British news outlets are reporting that a number of parliament members, one high-ranking government official and even some Blackpool clergy favor refusing the 65-year-old Graham a visa to enter the country so that he can’t speak at the Lancashire Festival of Hope in September 2018.

Gordon Marsden, a member of Parliament who represents Blackpool, has called on the home secretary to refuse Graham entry into the U.K. and argued that Graham might have violated the country’s rules on hate speech, The Guardian reports.

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