British Democracy at Work – Conservatives win in Landslide, so Of Course, Liberals RIOT

Ah, the even handed response to defeat of the liberal political activist.

In Great Britain, the Conservative Party (or Tories if you’re a Brit) won a landslide election victory this past week. The victory was a complete and utter surprise for most political observers because all of the recent polling showed a nation about evenly divided between Conservative and Liberal voter. Well, the polling was wrong.

Very, very, very wrong.


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In fact, the polling just days before the election promised that the Conservative Party and the Labour Party would split the vote and each take about 273 seats in the Parliament (out of a total of 650). That number was so far off, it’s laughable… well, the liberals aren’t laughing…

Instead of the hung Parliament that was being predicted, where the liberal Labour Party seemed assure of putting together a government and taking the lead for the first time since Prime Minister Tony Blair led the nation… what instead happened was a sweeping, even crushing, Conservative victory. Up until this past week the Conservative Party had led Britain, but they’d done so by joining with the Liberal Democrat Party to form a ruling coalition. Now, the conservatives don’t even need that.

Instead of the 273 split that the polls predicted, the Conservatives won 331 seats in Parliament – a net gain of 24 seats and an outright MAJORITY in Parliament. Which means everyone else could get together against the conservatives and the conservatives would still be the dominant Party. It’s kind of an amazing feat for the Conservatives to have pulled off in their multiparty system, but the majority of British voters decided that Conservatives should lead them into the future.



It was about this time that the average British liberal (and Labour Party voter) decided that something had to be done! And so they rioted, because that apparently makes the most sense after an overwhelming victory for Democracy.

Seventeen people have been arrested as protesters clashed with police at an anti-austerity demonstration outside Downing Street.

england riotsThe Women’s War Memorial in Whitehall was defaced with graffiti during the unplanned rally, which started outside Conservative campaign headquarters.

The crowd then moved on to Downing Street to voice their anger at David Cameron’s party, a day after he claimed victory in the General Election.

Police estimated 100 people had taken part in the mainly peaceful demonstration, although photographs from the scene suggested nearer 10 times that number were involved.

Scotland Yard said four officers and a member of police staff were injured.


One protester in the Welsh city of Cardiff was the famous singer Charlotte Church who carried a sign saying “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.”

I wonder what Charlotte is mad about and what her decision to take part in this anti-Tory protest is really all about? Is she angry that people voted Conservative? Is she angry that she is in the minority of Britons who believe that the Labour Party, or the Scottish National Party, would have been better suited to lead? Is protesting the election outcome the best way to voice that upset? Or might it be better to have conversations about political, economic and social ideas?

england riots 2These demonstrations, on the heels of a historic conservative victory, exemplify to me the problem with the modern leftist movement. Instead of debate, conversation and dialogue, the modern liberal uses the bludgeon of intimidation to get its way. They take to the streets to “demonstrate”, protest and riot. They’re “MAD AS HELL” and everyone will hear about it. They deface property, they shout ad hominems and they scream epithets, all while treating the opposition as if they were some lower life form, unworthy of intellectual conversation.

When liberals act out like this (for example, the Occupy Movement) they are heralded as heroes by the media, no matter how disgusting their behavior becomes or how violent their rhetoric against conservatives is.

When conservatives take a similar approach and demonstrate (for example, the Tea Party Movement) the media responds by calling us racists, homophobes, terrorists and worse. (Though none of our rallies have ever caused or defaced public or private property.)

This is the dirty little secret of life in politics today, isn’t it? Conservatives are calling for debate, discussion and dialogue on the most important issues of our day. Liberals say the debate is over, they’ve won, and if we don’t do things the way they say we should… then there will be hell to pay. That’s the message from liberals in Britain, even after an overwhelming conservative win, and it’s the message from liberals in America, even as Republicans control both Houses of the legislature and poll after poll shows that most Americans still consider themselves conservatives.

The debate is over and if we don’t do exactly what our loud and violent liberal overlords tell us to… there will be hell to pay.

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