British Deep State Still Fighting Brexit

If the British deep state can’t stop Brexit they will still try to neutralize as much as they can.

I don’t know if Prime Minister Theresa May is struggling with the British deep state or working with them. But it is obvious that lots of people in government and industry want to stop Brexit, weaken Brexit, of slow down Brexit. Just like our own deep state is not cooperating with the will of the voters in the last Presidential election, they are not cooperating with the referendum.

AFP reports, “Doubts over Brexit mount as May marks a year in power.

The government has

hinted it may relent on its hardline position of ending the authority of the EU’s highest court in Britain from the moment the country leaves the bloc as expected in 2019.

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Why? Because the Deep State—unelected bureaucrats with their supporting politicians and private sector oligarchs—are pushing for compromise on Brexit (emphasis added).

The real showdown is expected after the government on Thursday publishes the Repeal Bill, a hefty draft law aimed at scrapping the cornerstone of Britain’s EU membership, the European Communities Act.

Opposition parties are already planning amendments to the bill, which would also adopt, amend or repeal thousands of EU laws that currently apply in Britain.

Vince Cable, a member of the pro-EU Liberal Democrats, said the complexity of the task and signs of the impact on Britain’s economy had led to increasing doubts that Brexit would take place.

“More and more people — politicians and civil servants — are saying actually, this thing isn’t going to happen,” he told a Westminster lunch.

The stormy mood among Conservatives prompted former party leader William Hague on Tuesday to ask: “Is it worth having a huge row to insist on a ‘purer’ version of Brexit? No of course it isn’t.”

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he urged Conservative MPs to “avoid rocking that very vulnerable boat”.

I hope someone decides it is “worth having a huge row”!

Read the rest of the AFP story.

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