British Begin Hunt for “Jihadi John” – British National who has Beheaded American and British Hostages

“Jihadi John” is the British national who has become famous as an ISIS terrorist. Jihadi John has made a name for himself as the central figure in the ISIS-produced videos that have shown the murders of two American journalists and two British citizens. In a thick British accent, Jihadi John has accused and defamed the United States and Great Britain and disgustingly blamed our nations for the deaths of the men in the videos. Then with callousness befitting a monster from the silver screen (think Dracula – or worse), he slowly decapitates his victims with a knife.

The video of his latest victim, Alan Henning, a 47 year-old British aid worker, was released a few days ago; now the Government of Great Britain and the British people have made Jihadi John Public Enemy #1 and announced their intention to capture or kill the monster.

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Prime Minister David Cameron has asked his spy chiefs to find Islamic State executioner ‘Jihadi John’ so that he could dispatch special forces to kill or capture the masked man who beheaded the latest British hostage.

The Prime Minister has stepped up the hunt for British aid worker Alan Henning’s murderer, who appears in IS beheading videos and has a British accent.

He summoned the heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ — the main British spy agencies — to his Chequers country retreat on Saturday and told them he wanted them to provide him with targets for a special forces raid on the IS kidnappers, The Sunday Times reported.

This is a bold move for the British government, though in reality not an important part of the war. The capture or killing of Jihadi John would be good for propaganda purposes, as it would provide a lift to the British people (and Britain’s allies). However, Jihadi John is not presumed to be a leader in the ISIS hierarchy, but simply a terrorist who happens to be fluent in English and able to deliver the ISIS message to the West.

Here’s hoping that British intelligence can find Jihadi John and deliver justice swiftly and with prejudice.

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