Brilliant New Book from Eagle Rising’s Own – David Lawrence!

I know its egotistical to write about my book, “Obama in the Sky with Democrats.”  But I can’t help it.  Enough prose has been spilled over Obama-praise, Obama criticism and the superficial failures that he and flesh are , Hamlet like, ere to.

In my poems I attempt to eviscerate his soul.  I get to the narcissistic failures beneath his surface.  I sing the Whitmanesque song of his failures.   

Obama is a bad poem.  I write good poems about his inadequacies.

He is not “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”  He is Obama pervading the atmosphere with lies and failures.

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David Lawrence


A couple of months ago one of our dear contributors, Mr. David Lawrence, contacted me in the hopes of putting together a book of his work that was primarily published here at Eagle Rising first. I can’t express how excited I was to get that kind of an opportunity. You see, in the conservative literary world, we currently have a dearth of talented writers creating poetry – I’m not really sure why, but it’s the simple truth. Search for poetry with a liberal bent and you will find hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of resources. Do the same search for conservative poetry, and to say you’ll have a more difficult time would be an understatement.

However, with David Lawrence, conservatives have a real treasure.

David LawrenceA man of many talents and life experience, David has worked hard to hone his craft and has produced some amazing work for our website. I was proud to work on his new book, Obama in the Sky with Democrats, and I truly believe that you will enjoy the work on every page. The book is brimming with wit, intellect, hope, fear and biting sarcasm – indeed every page is a delight for the reader. Anyone who has read David’s work in the past knows that he has a gift for painting vibrant pictures using only the brush strokes of words. If you haven’t read his work yet, then you are surely missing out.

Here is what the author himself had to say when I asked for his thoughts on the book…

Obama in the Sky with Democrats, by David Lawrence is a revelation. Do yourself a favor and get your copy of the brilliant new work today. The poetry is meaningful, the artistry of his words a delight.

You can find Obama in the Sky with Democrats at any good book retailer, but the easiest access might be on your very own computer through

Obama in the Sky with Democrats is the latest book of politically charged poetry from the brilliant conservative David Lawrence. In its pages are the wit, wisdom and searing personal observations of one of the premier poets of our day.

Here is just one of the poems featured in the book:

Go Back to Bed, Obama

A girl at Gleason’s Boxing Gym is wearing a T-shirt—

Obama, the drama,

Strutting like a broken footed llama in the Andes

Of his lies.


Obama is the absence of plot in a dance of characters.

He is the play within the play that fails to have the conscience

Of a king.

Hamlet was betrayed by Claudius who became

Our modern Obama.


Stupid is as stupid dresses.

The lark of the gym girl’s failure is the flight of the country’s


How many veterans must die before she closes her eyes

To our President’s hype?


How many times must Obama blame the Republicans

For his own divisiveness?


He doesn’t believe in death panels but he has put

A communist grid around our heads

And killed us with governmental excess and attention.


He lies.

He isn’t shy.

We die beneath the weight of his big government.


I get sties in my eyes when I look at his dissemblance.

The liberal Washington Post points out his Pinocchio’s.

He is a wooden head.


Who else would want to rule the world by deduction,

Ignoring the inductive reasoning of pragmatic intelligence.


Obama, put on your pajamas and go back to bed where

You can’t hurt anyone except Michelle who has to swallow

Your warped rhetoric.

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