Breitbart Pushes Back Against Bush Anti-Trump Speech [VIDEO]

Was the Bush anti-Trump speech the foretaste of an attack planned for 2020?

When I first heard the Bush anti-Trump speech, it didn’t occur to me how it might fit into the big picture. Specifically, it might be the beginning of a Republican campaign against Donald Trump in 2020. We know there is a lot of Republican hatred for the President. Given the fact that many would prefer losing to the Democrats to winning an election, there would be no reason (in their minds) not to run against him in the primary, and maybe even with a carefully planned and funded independent candidate.

Steve Bannon pushed back against George Bush. According to Politico, “Bannon calls Bush, McCain speeches ‘more pablum.’

The Breitbart News executive chairman contrasted the Republicans’ addresses with a recent speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping, in which that leader vowed not to over-extend China’s global reach.

“Last week in a span of I think 24 hours, we had the speech of President Xi, the speech of President Bush and the speech of Senator McCain,” Bannon said at a national security summit hosted by the Hudson Institute. “And I would respectfully submit that President Xi’s speech was an adult speech to adults and that President Bush and … McCain’s speech was just more pablum.”

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Meanwhile, in an interview, Breitbart Senior Editor-a-Large Joel Pollack said explicitly that the Bush anti-Trump speech is part of a strategy to set up a challenge against Trump in 2020.

Read the full Politico story.

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