BREAKING: Terrorist Attack in Barcelona!

The Barcelona Police say a truck attack was terrorism, gunmen reported.

The story from Barcelona today is still developing. Someone drove a truck into a Barcelona crowd. There are many injured and two reported deaths so far. Catalan police suspect terrorism. Naturally, no one is talking about the ethnic identity, religious faith, or the name of the attacker. In addition to the truck attack, there are reports of two armed men entering a restaurant.

CNN reports, “Barcelona police: Crash ‘most likely’ a terror attack.

A spokesperson for Catalan police has told CNN, the incident is “most likely” a terror attack.

Spanish Police have told CNN that “several people” have been injured.

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The Independent reported, “‘At least two dead’, dozens injured in suspected terror attack in Barcelona.

Two armed men have entered a restaurant in Barcelona, moments after a van crashed into dozens of people leaving several injured.

According to The Telegraph, at least two people have reportedly been killed and several others have been injured in the suspected terror attack.

Also this report says the gunmen are holding hostages:

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