Breaking News! Proof that the IRS Broke the Law!

During testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Tuesday, the head official in charge of archiving federal records, David Ferriero, testified that the IRS definitely broke the law…

REP. WALBERG: In your testimony you state that when agencies become aware of unauthorized destruction of federal records, that they are required to report the incidents to the Archives. At any time in 2011, through last Monday, did the IRS report any loss of records related to Lois Lerner?


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AIRSWALBERG: Is it fair to say that the IRS broke the Federal Records Act?

FERRIERO: Any agency is required to notify us when they realize they have a problem that could be destruction or unauthorized disposal–

WALBERG: But they didn’t do that.

FERRIERO: That’s right.

WALBERG: Did they break the law?

FERRIERO: I’m not a lawyer.

WALBERG: But you administer the Federal Records Act?


WALBERG: If they didn’t follow it, can we safely assume they broke the law?

FERRIERO: They did not follow the law.

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