Breaking New Video! Lois Lerner Confronted – Tries Busting into Neighbor’s Home to Avoid Questions!

Yesterday we brought you the news of Jason Mattera’s new book, Crapitalism: Liberals who make Millions Swiping your Tax Dollars. The book is great, and I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy as soon as you can. Crapitalism will give you the ammo to use on those liberals who are always claiming that capitalism has failed – when the truth is that crony capitalism is the real problem… not capitalism at all.

Today, Jason Mattera is bringing us great joy again!

Jason confronted Lois Lerner while she was walking on the streets near her home. In an effort to get away, she came close to breaking down the door of a neighbor’s home.

Let’s just say watching Lerner squirm is simply delicious.

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From Jason Mattera:

The irony is so rich, we can hardly contain ourselves.  Jason Mattera, author of the must-read new book CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, caught up with Lois Lerner in her ritzy neighborhood outside Washington, D.C.

The questions are, well, exactly what you’d want thrown in Lerner’s face if you had the opportunity:

• You can see why you’re a disgrace to public service?

• Hey, where are those missing emails? Two years worth, right?

• Do you regret using the government as a political weapon to crush political dissent?

You gotta watch Lerner run for her life and beg a stranger to let her in the house (The stranger refuses). 

Being the subject of a target doesn’t feel good, now does it, Lois? 



From the Daily Surge:

Mattera, who publishes the Daily Surge, asked Lerner if she had any regrets for her role in the ongoing IRS corruption case, and if she wanted to take the opportunity to give a genuine apology to conservatives for using the force of government to harass and single them out.

fifthBut, similar to her testimony before Congress where she pleaded the fifth, Lerner didn’t show any remorse, and, on a more latent level, showed her disregard to people’s privacy rights in general. In the video above, you can see Lerner fleeing from Mattera as she rushes through what appears to be a random person’s front yard.

“Could you call the police?” Lerner begs an elderly woman, while pounding on her door. “Please let me in. These guys are with the press and they’re not leaving me alone.” The elderly woman is heard telling Lerner that she just had surgery and was in no position physically to let her in the house.

But that didn’t stop Lerner. She implores that same elderly woman to open up her garage instead.

It’s almost a perfect proxy for her actions in the targeting scandal,” Mattera said.

“She keeps badgering an innocent woman with zero regard for her wishes. It’s an incredible crystallization of Lerner’s character or lack thereof.”

The natural question the viewer asks, he notes, is, “If she’s willing to barge into a person’s home, how much more so is she willing to barge into a conservative’s IRS records to inflict her personal will?”

Eventually, the elderly woman’s husband sees Lerner’s antics and kicks her off his property.  “Out. Out!” he demanded.

Awesome. Great work Mr. Mattera – this was just what I needed to lift my spirits! Such Fun!


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