Breaking – MUST SEE VIDEO – Brother of Men Murdered by ISIS Prays for their Salvation on LIVE TV!

In a video that is exploding across the Internet, a man who lost two brothers to the ISIS murderers in Libya is proclaiming the beauty of the Gospel for MILLIONS to hear.

It happened on the Arabic Christian TV network SAT-7 this past week. The show is hosted by a Christian man named Fayez Maher. In the clip, Maher is speaking to one Beshir Kamel. Beshir was the brother of Bishoy and Samuel Kamel, two of the Egyptian Christians recently murdered by ISIS in Libya.

Amazingly, Beshir spends his entire time on the interview proclaiming the faith of his brothers, of their village (which lost many men in the killing), and of his family. He says that ISIS has helped his family and their friends to strengthen their own faith, specifically by letting them see that their martyred loved ones remained faithful to Jesus to the very end.

Beshir also reminds the viewers of the TV Show that the Gospel calls us to “love our enemies” and to “bless those that curse us.”

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Please watch, and also share this beautiful story of the Gospel…



It is a beautiful and poignant reminder of what we have in Jesus and what the Muslim world so desperately needs. It is easy to hate ISIS and the other Muslim terrorist groups; it is hard to remember that we were once as lost as they were. We were once at enmity with God, but he reached down and shed his mercy on us, showing us grace and saving us from our sins.


H/T Daily Caller News Foundation


SAT-7 is an nondenominational Christian satellite network that broadcasts in Arabic, Turkish and Persian. It is supported by a number of churches in the region, and has strict guidelines for “presenting the core messages of Christianity that all churches agree upon,” and avoiding criticism of other faiths, including Islam. In this way, it avoids some of the controversies that can face Christian media in the Middle East, such as accusations of “sheep-stealing” by foreign Protestants from the local varieties of Orthodox and Catholic Christianity.

The original video of the Arabic broadcast, posted to Facebook by SAT-7, has attracted over 100,000 views. In recent days, an English-subtitled version has begun to spread among Christians in the West.

The Huffington Post has profiled a number of the beheading victims and their families, who were disproportionately working-class and found themselves migrating to Libya in pursuit of construction jobs and other menial labor.

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