Breaking – Horrible Video Shows ISIS Burning Captured Jordanian Pilot Alive

I don’t know what is more maddening… the disgusting violence that pours from ISIS, or the supposedly “nice” Muslim people online who seem to have no problem with the things those monsters do. Both piss me off. Both stir things within me that I have no desire to feel, emotions I don’t care to engage with. I consider myself to be a peaceful man – live and let live, as the saying goes – but these terrorist sympathizers push my personal philosophies to their breaking point.

The ISIS terrorists just released a video showing captured Jordanian pilot Muadh al-Kasabeh being burned alive and then in online forums there are actually Western Muslims debating whether or not it was okay for ISIS to do this! It’s a travesty of humanity and simply more proof that Sharia law and the Islamic worldview are depraved and completely incompatible with any attempt at peaceful humanity.

An online video began spreading on Tuesday of Jordanian pilot 1st Lt. Muadh al-Kasasbeh being burned alive, following a breakdown in negotiations between Jordan and Kasasbeh’s Islamic State captors.

It is unknown when Kasasbeh was killed by ISIS. Rumors of his death had circulated among online supporters of the terror group as early as the first full week of January. He had been in the group’s custody since his F-16 crashed in ISIS-held territory in late December.

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Muadh al-KasabehThe video’s authenticity has also yet to be confirmed by credible ISIS-related channels.

Kasasbeh is the third high-profile foreign hostage to die in ISIS captivity in the past two weeks. The jihadi group previously issued evidence of the deaths of two Japanese hostages whom it had been using as pawns to elicit ransoms from the Japanese government.

Last week, the Jordanian government offered to release female Iraqi al-Qaida suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi, who has been imprisoned in Jordan since 2005. But it demanded evidence of Kasasbeh’s safety before releasing Rishawi — evidence which had been slow in coming.

Jordan had also threatened to kill all its convicted ISIS-affiliated prisoners if Kasasbeh proved to be dead. Its government has not yet issued a response to the news.

Minutes after the video surfaced, some terror sympathizers were already celebrating, with one Twitter user sending an Arabic phrase that means “there is no might nor power except in God.”


  Foreign policy experts and terrorism analysts, meanwhile, urged their followers not to share images of the video, saying it would contribute into the terrorist group’s psychological warfare of intimidation and barbarism. Instead, an image of Kasasbeh in happier days quickly spread on social media.  



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