Breaking: Donald Trump Jr Releases Email Thread…This Smells like a Setup!

This is all a huge #NothingBurger! Here’s the TLDR:

  1. Donald Trump Jr was contacted by a friend of his who is a reporter about what appeared to be information on Hillary Clinton.
  2. Trump Jr thought there may have been a story there since it came from a reporter, so he looked into it and met with a woman who happened to be from Russia.
  3. She didn’t have any info on the Clintons but rather wanted to discuss adoption policy and the Magnitsky Act.
  4. They left.
  5. Suddenly liberal media creates huge story about Trump Jr meeting with the Kremlin and a Russian collusion.

Should Trump Jr have met with a foreign person for possible information on the Clintons? Probably not. However, is this uncommon in elections and with government officials? Not at all. For example:


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Or how about Hillary working with Venezuela for information on President Donald Trump?

It’s all a huge game that sounds like it was nothing but a trap. Not to mention, the woman he met with was not with the Kremlin, and she even states it on an NBC interview.

Donald Trump Jr hired an attorney, as he should, and released a “tell all” on Twitter with copies of the emails that was sent back and forth until he met with this woman, as well as a statement.

His statement read,

“To everyone, in order to be totally transparent, I am releasing the entire email chain of my emails with Rob Goldstone about the meeting on June 9, 2016. The first email on June 3, 2016 was from Rob who was relating a request fro Emin, a person I knee from the 2013 Ms. Universe Pageant near Moscow. Emin and his father have a very highly respected company in Moscow. The information they suggested they has about Hillary Clinton I thought was Political Opposition Research. I first wanted to just have a phone call but when that didn’t work out, they said the woman would be in New York and asked if I would meet. I decided to take the meeting. The woman. ash she has said publicly, was not a government official. And, as we have said, she had no information to provide and wanted to talk about adoption prolixity and the Magnitsky Act. To put this in context, this occurred before the current Russian fever was in vogue. As Rob Goldstone said just today in the press, the entire meeting was ‘the most insane nonsense I ever heard. And I was actually agitated by it.'”

Here are his tweets with the emails:


WikiLeaks also retweeted Trump Jr’s post, backing him up. This all smells very much like a set up from the very beginning and the Trumps have nothing to hide!

Wikileaks also interestingly enough related information on someone trying to set them up to receive money that appears to be from the Russian government…..another setup!


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