BREAKING: Knife Attack at Ohio State University…At Least 9 Injured…1 Suspect Dead

UPDATE: The headline previously referred to an “active shooter” based on initial reports. As it turns out, the only person involved who was armed with a gun was the cop who shot and killed the attempted murderer, who was identified as a Somali immigrant. Nevertheless, news media networks are still erroneously referring to it as a “mass shooting” or “active shooter situation.” Below is the original report.

Monday morning, a car crashed into the chemical engineering building on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. According to witnesses, two people jumped out of the car, one armed with a machete, and the other with a gun.

Someone in Watts Hall – which houses the materials science departments – pulled the fire alarm. When students and others fled the building, there was a car waiting for them, and it drove through and hit some of the people leaving the building.


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From CBS:

WBNS reports the incident began around 9:30 a.m. when firefighters were responding to reports of a chlorine leak at the chemical engineering building. According to the station, some witnesses report that someone had run a vehicle into the building, and then someone started attacking people inside the building with a knife.

At least one witness to the scene told WBNS said a fire alarm was pulled inside the Watts Lab, and when people exited, a car was waiting for them and appeared to purposefully run them over.

Another student witness told CBS News she saw a grey car drive by the engineering building at a high speed, hit a cop, then proceed to hit other people.

Police have not confirmed the nature of the attacks. The FBI and ATF both said they had deployed tactical resources to assist local law enforcement partners.

Following these incidents, the emergency alert system for OSU tweeted out the following:

“Run Hide Fight” has become standard protocol for active shooter situations. Since most universities are “gun-free zones,” potential victims’ first line of defense is to run away as fast as possible and seek shelter. If that isn’t feasible, then the next line of defense is to hide somewhere. If you’re in a room, then block the door to make it difficult for the shooter to get through. Like this:

If it comes down to it, as a last resort, fight the armed suspect, using any tools you have at your disposal to neutralize him. Staplers, books, chairs, pencils, etc. (Anything but a gun, because guns are dangerous.)

Ohio State University sent out this statement:

Ohio State University Police and local law enforcement continue to respond to a public safety incident on Ohio State’s campus. A suspect has been shot and reported deceased. Victim injuries include stab wounds, injury by motor vehicle and other injuries that are being evaluated. At the recommendation of law enforcement, campus alerts for shelter in place have been lifted. Campus remains open during the continued investigation, although classes have been canceled for the remainder of the day. Facts are still being verified. We will hold a media briefing as soon as we are able. The university will continue to share information through Buckeye Alert and Our top priority remains the safety and security of our campus community. Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured and their families.

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