Brazen Looters Pillage Family Dollar Store

WECT reporter Chelsea Donovan arrived to find dozens of people carrying items back to the public housing community Houston Moore.

Police announced they were told by store management to “stand down.”

I’m wondering what their insurance company will think about the Dollar Store saying “take what you want?”

Since when can a company tell the police to ‘stand down’?

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Dozens of people were seen on camera looting a Family Dollar store in Wilmington, North Carolina, Saturday afternoon. Police announced they were told by store management to “stand down”. Wilmington is one of many towns being pummeled by Hurricane, now Tropical Storm Florence in North and South Carolina this weekend.

Video broadcast live by WECT-TV shows brave reporter Chelsea Donovan confronting looters as they first leave the front of the store, and then the rear, with trash bags filled with stolen merchandise. While the store is across from a public housing project, and looters could be seen heading that way, other looters were piling stolen merchandise in cars parked near the store.

Wilmington Police posted to Twitter, “NEWS ALERT – We are aware of the looting occurring at the Family Dollar Store at 13th & Greenfield Sts, unfortunately management has asked not to intervene at this time.”


Fox News’ Rick Levanthal also posted a video from the scene.


YouTube version if WECT video embed won’t play:

I guess it’s more important these days to not be called a racist than it is to preserve and protect your store’s inventory.

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