Boycott Vogue! Fashion Magazine to Feature Trans Traitor

Wow. Fashion magazine, Vogue, is apparently dabbling in honoring traitors.  Perhaps we should dabble in boycotting?

As if it wasn’t bad enough that former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning leaked 700,0000 military documents while in the US Military, but Obama allowed the traitor to go free. Manning was to serve a 35 year sentence, but Obama pardoned him on his way out of office.

Thursday, Manning posted the following photo on Twitter, in which he is wearing a red bathing suit the caption, “guess this is what freedom looks like.”

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I find it interesting that he could post a caption like that when due to his actions, there were likely Americans killed.

The Daily Wire previously reported:

It remains unclear how many, if any Americans were killed due to the leaks. But Arizona Senator John McCain said in January of 2017 that he’s confident the Taliban used the information and retaliated against those named. McCain told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly he felt “sorrow for the families of those individuals who identified in these leaks in Afghanistan that the Taliban went after and murdered. And rage because this president is basically endorsing a proposal that allows someone to go free who is responsible for the needless deaths of those people who are allies … Let me be specific. The information I received when I was there was that the Taliban went after these people. I assume, killed them.”

Even though Manning is a traitor, the left wingers consider him a hero in big lights. This is due to the fact that he is also a transgender and came out as such on the very day he was sentenced.

Now he will be modeling for Vogue and I can’t say that I am surprised. However, I am still disgusted.

Daily Wire reports:

As reported by Yahoo, Manning was photographed by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz for the spread, in addition to his lengthy profile.

“It’s not like I’m living in fear or anything,” Manning told Vogue. “I’m so glad to be out and about and walking around.”

“Manning said she’s not quite sure how she’ll harness her power yet, and the Vogue story notes she had been interested in running for political office before transitioning,” notes Yahoo.

“I’m certainly not going to say no, and I’m certainly not going to say yes,” said Manning when asked about running for office in the future. “My goal is to use these next six months to figure out where I want to go.”

The traitor said he’s currently learning Rust, a programming language, and working on his memoir.

And he also wants to start dating. “I’m not planning to be single!” he said.

Astoundingly, Manning said he really connects with the values of “responsibility” and “compassion.”

He added, “I have these values that I can connect with: responsibility, compassion,. Those are really foundational for me. Do and say and be who you are because, no matter what happens, you are loved unconditionally.

What a joke. Both him and vogue.


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