Heartwarming Video: Boy In Wheelchair Struggles To Hold Himself Up To Stand For National Anthem

God bless this young man! Hats off to Avery Price for showing his support to the men and women who die for his country.

To all of those athletes out there refusing to stand for the national anthem here’s a young man that obviously wasn’t given any special privileges…. and yet, he is a true patriot!

Avery went above and beyond his disability to do what was his right as an American.



A boy in a wheelchair’s stand for the U.S. flag is warming hearts across middle Tennessee.

Leah Norris told FOX 17 News she captured the special moment during the demolition derby at the Putnam County Fair on Sunday night.

Norris said when the “Star-Spangled Banner” was being performed by Jenny Leigh, it wasn’t what she heard but rather what she saw that brought tears to her eyes.

A boy, with braces on both legs, was struggling to stand for the national anthem. The boy, identified as Avery Price, is seen hanging onto his father for support and the man pats his son’s back with encouragement.

Price, 10 years old, has a condition that makes it difficult for him to use his legs — but that didn’t stop him from exercising free speech when the anthem played.

“This goes to show that If he can stand for his country, so can you,” Norris wrote in a post.

Another Facebook user shared the video, commenting that someone needs to “show this to the NFL,” amid controversy over players kneeling before the flag. More

Leah Norris: One of the most touching things I’ve ever seen tonight! This young man was struggling to stand for the anthem as he had braces on both legs with his Dad patting his back in support of helping him. You may or may not agree and that’s your choice. But this goes to show that If he can stand for his country, so can you. I’m not sure who this boy or his family is, or if it’ll ever reach them again. But his parents are raising a fine young man.

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