BOOM! Watters Fires Back: ‘If Trump’s a Joke, Then Biden’s the Punchline’

Political commentator Jesse Watters fired back at former Vice President Joe Biden after Biden said that Trump’s White House tenure was a “disaster.”

Biden continued on to say that Trump is doing “everything that Putin ever wanted” by “sowing doubt about whether or not our justice system is fair.”

“This is the first president to make a full-throated, unvarnished attack on the entirety of the FBI,” Watters shot back.

He ripped Trump for remarking that the Democratic half of the attendees at the State of the Union address who didn’t stand for his applause lines were un-American.

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“Let me tell you, he’s a joke,” Biden said, and Watters said in response that if Trump is the “joke” then “Biden’s the punchline.”

Fox News Insider reports:

The “Five” host said Biden’s name is “synonymous with ‘gaffe’,” and listed several incidents of the Scranton, Pa. native saying or doing questionable things.

Watters reminded the panel how, at a 2008 campaign rally, Biden told Missouri State Sen. Chuck Graham (D) – a paraplegic – to “stand up” and be recognized alongside other local dignitaries he mentioned.

He noted that Biden also dropped the F-word on a hot mic in the White House, and allegedly “g[ot] handsy with young ladies in a photo line.”

“The elder statesmen of the Democratic Party have really been in the gutter recently,” Watters added.

He asked the audience to imagine if former Vice President Dick Cheney called President Obama “a joke” as Biden did to Trump.

Watters said there would be “hell to pay” for the former Wyoming congressman if he said such a thing.

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