“Bones” Actor Tells Obama to “Grow Some”


In what may be the most forward thinking quote from a Hollywood actor talking about politics, Bones star David Boreanaz just told President Obama to man up and “grow some.”

(Obviously referring to a pair of testicles.)


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“So here we are in a Cold War now with Russia. Sanctions aren’t going to cut it. Putin is Nuts and a serious threat to the USA. Grow some Obama.”

Obviously Mr. Boreanaz is not a fan of the Obama administration’s philosophy on dealing with Russia. It’s nice to see someone in Hollywood taking on the President in a direct fashion, as most seem to prefer fawning over him instead.

Whatever his reasons for speaking out now, we agree with Boreanaz. Many of the current problems on the world stage with which our nation finds itself faced today could have been solved with a stiffer and less wavering administration at the helm. David Boreanaz is right; President Obama needs to “grow some.”

Boreanaz also took the time to answer a few questions/comments about his tweet too.


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Get even more info on Broeanaz’s foray into politics over at Twitchy.

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