Bombshell: Bernie Sanders Wants to be President but was Jobless Until 40!

What kind of man can go almost 40 years of life before getting his first steady paycheck but still believe that America isn’t “fair” enough? How about “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] (I-VT).

In any other country in the world being jobless until 40 probably means you’re starving to death, but not in America. No, in America a “poor” and jobless Sanders was able to earn a prestigious degree from the University of Chicago, then couch surf through the first 20 or so years of his adulthood.

Sanders’ first “real” job? When he was elected the mayor of Burlington, Vermont in 1985. He tried to be a carpenter, but as a friend says “He was a shi**y carpenter” and “His carpentry was not going to support him.” Then he tried writing but could only come up with stories about rape and masturbation for horrible leftist publications. He was a hippie slob whose life reflected his personal and professional choices… it was a mess.

But Bernie found something that he was good at, finally, and was able to talk himself into a job as the mayor of Burlington by complaining about how terrible American greed is. “The whole quality of life in America is based on greed,” Sanders whined. “I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.”

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Ah, yes. The 40 year old man who hadn’t done a single day’s honest work, ever, believes that this wonderful nation that carried him on its back is the problem… instead of realizing that all of our problems stem from useless, liberal malingerers like him.

Rush Limbaugh had more to say about the lazy liberal sluggard on his radio show on Monday.

Bernie-Bum-585You know what I learned about Bernie Sanders?  He didn’t earn a paycheck ’til age 40.  Bernie Sanders is actually a bum.  Bernie Sanders.  Here it is, the Investor’s Business Daily editorial: “Bernie Sanders, The Bum Who Wants Your Money — Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Monday his parents would never have thought their son would end up in the Senate and running for president. No kidding. He was a ne’er-do-well into his late 30s. 

“‘It’s certainly something that I don’t think they ever believed would’ve happened,’ the unabashed socialist remarked during CNN’s Democratic town hall forum…  He explained his family couldn’t imagine his ‘success,’ because ‘my brother and I and Mom and Dad grew up in a three-and-a-half-room rent-controlled apartment in Brooklyn, and we never had a whole lot of money.'” IBD says, “It wasn’t as bad as he says. His family managed to send him to the University of Chicago. Despite a prestigious degree, however, Sanders failed to earn a living, even as an adult.

“It took him 40 years to collect his first steady paycheck — and it was a government check.  ‘I never had any money my entire life,’ Sanders told Vermont public TV in 1985, after settling into his first real job as mayor of Burlington.  Sanders spent most of his life as an angry radical and agitator who never accomplished much of anything. And yet now he thinks he deserves the power to run your life and your finances — ‘We will raise taxes;’ he confirmed Monday, ‘yes, we will.’  One of his first jobs was registering people for food stamps… 

“Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with a dirt floor, and she soon left him. Penniless, he went on unemployment.” So he went from a dirt-floor shack to unemployment. “Then he had a child out of wedlock. Desperate, he tried carpentry but could barely sink a nail. ‘He was a shi**y carpenter,’ a friend told Politico Magazine. ‘His carpentry was not going to support him, and didn’t.’ 

“Then he tried his hand freelancing for leftist rags, writing about ‘masturbation and rape’ and other crudities for $50 a story. He drove around in a rusted-out, Bondo-covered VW bug with no working windshield wipers. Friends said he was ‘always poor’ and his ‘electricity was turned off a lot.’ They described him as a slob who kept a messy apartment — and this is what his friends had to say about him.  The only thing he was good at was talking … non-stop … about socialism and how the rich were ripping everybody off.

“‘The whole quality of life in America is based on greed,’ the bitter layabout said. ‘I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.’ … He finally wormed his way into the Senate in 2006, where he still ranks as one of the poorest members of Congress. Save for a municipal pension, Sanders lists no assets in his name. All the assets provided in his financial disclosure form are his second wife’s. He does, however, have as much as $65,000 in credit-card debt.” His first job was a government paycheck, at 40 years old. He’s a “bum.” 

Investor’s Business Daily.  Dirt floor shack, and his wife amazingly, strangely, left him.  I mean, that’s kind of cruel, right? 

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