Boko Haram Kidnaps Some 500 Women and Children

The vile Muslim terrorist organization Boko Haram is at it again. This time the evil monsters who inhabit Nigeria have kidnapped 500 innocent and helpless women and children. The horrible kidnapping is actually a victory for the enemies of Boko Haram, as it took place because the Nigerian military was beginning to succeed in pushing the terrorists back.


John Campbell, former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria and senior fellow for Africa policy studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), says the kidnap demonstrates that, despite the gains made by the Nigerian military in its six-week offensive against Boko Haram ahead of Saturday’s presidential election, the group will survive by going underground.

“The significance of this kidnap illustrates quite clearly that it is possible to roll Boko Haram’s occupation of territory back, but without defeating it,” says Campbell.

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“It managed to drive them out of a particular locale without defeating them. The nature of Boko Haram is that it can be driven out of a territory but it simply melts back into the countryside or into the slums and continues on,” he adds. “We saw this after Mohammed Yusef’s [former Boko Haram leader] murder in 2009, when Boko Haram went underground only to re-emerge in 2011.”


boko haramIronically, this mass kidnapping comes almost a year after the mass kidnapping that first brought Boko Haram international notoriety.


From April 24, 2014:

Well, we missed something in that horrible, horrible story. The evil Islamists not only murdered more than 200 people – they also kidnapped more than 200 girls from the school.

More than 200 girls and young women remain missing a week after Islamic extremists stormed a boarding school in Nigeria, despite a “hot pursuit” by security forces and an independent search by parents who headed into a dangerous forest to find their children. 

At Chibok, the scene of the attack, weeping parents cried on Monday, begging the kidnappers to “have mercy on our daughters,” and for the government to rescue them.  “I have not seen my dear daughter, she is a good girl,” cried Musa Muka, whose 17-year-old Martha was taken away. “We plead with the government to help rescue her and her friends; we pray nothing happens to her.”

Although at least 200 remain missing, dozens of the students managed to escape their captors, jumping from the back of an open truck after they were kidnapped in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday last week or by running away and hiding in the dense forest. The number who escaped depends on whom you speak to — 39, 43, maybe more than 50.

That’s right. These monsters, who claim to practice a “religion of peace” murdered more than 200 innocent young people, then kidnapped more than 200 innocent girls.


Boko Haram, like ISIS and Al Qaeda before them, are monsters of the first degree. Our world will not know peace as long as evil Islamist militants like these roam the earth. It is incumbent upon every nation of this earth to stand against these evil doers and to drive them back to the hell from whence they came.

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