Bobby Jindal says Obama might Love America, but he’s Disqualified Himself as Commander-in-Chief

One of the first Republican leaders to contact Rudy Giuliani to express his support for the former Mayor was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Jindal has been a fierce critic of the Obama administration and is visibly growing agitated with the White House’s reticence to call the terrorists we are fighting against what they are — Islamic extremists. This weekend, Governor Jindal travelled to Washington D.C. to spend time with the other Governors of our nation and took a moment to speak about the Giuliani comments and Obama’s “love” for America.

Here’s what Jindal told the national media:

“There are many of us that are very concerned about the president’s unwillingness to call out radical Islamic terrorism and the threat that we face as a country. I wrote an op-ed today, saying that I think the president has really disqualified himself to be our commander-in-chief. Because he will not only identify the threat, but will not take the steps necessary to defeat this threat.

It’d be better for the president not to warn us about the threats of medieval Christianity . . . rather than actually identifying the threat we faced.”

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Governor Jindal also spoke about specific problems he has with the way President Obama has handled the terrorist threat (specifically in regards to ISIS) and he mentioned his disagreement with Mayo Giuliani’s choice of words. Jindal says he does believe that the President “loves” our country, but that doesn’t matter because the President has made such horrible missteps regarding our national security.


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