Bob Weinstein Refuses to Comment on His Brother’s Contract

Bob Weinstein says he knew his brother was horrible but still didn’t know how bad he was.

Bob Weinstein expresses a great deal of repulsion to The Hollywood Reporter about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior. At the same time, he seems to be careful to say that though he “divorced” his brother five years ago he didn’t really know about the sexual assault. And he won’t discuss the most pertinent question about the evidence that someone at The Weinstein Company knew what he was up to.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the interview under the headline, “Bob Weinstein Gets Emotional on “Depraved” Harvey, Saving the Company and His ‘Waking Nightmare’ (Exclusive).” Among other things he says,

For me, I thought he was literally just going out there cheating in a pervasive way. It wasn’t like he even had a mistress. It was one after another and that I was aware of. But as far as being in a room and hearing the description in The New York Times? No way. No F-in way was I aware that that was the type of predator that he was. And the way he convinced people to do things? I thought they were all consensual situations.

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I’ll tell you what I did know. Harvey was a bully, Harvey was arrogant, he treated people like shit all the time. That I knew. And I had to clean up for so many of his employee messes. People that came in crying to my office: “Your brother said this, that and the other.” And I’d feel sick about it.

Why did you tolerate his behavior?

Because it didn’t rise to a certain level. I would often counsel people and say, “You know what, you have a choice here. Leave. Leave, please leave.” I don’t know why some of them stayed. So I would just try to mend a broken fence. There is no mending this. This is not a broken fence. [But] I will not quit and leave the business that I built, rightfully so, and leave the films and filmmakers that I was involved in.

When you guys were negotiating Harvey’s 2015 employment contract…

That I’m not gonna [discuss]. I’m sorry, I’m not gonna be litigated in this article. There is an investigation going on, let that investigation take its course.

So there were stories circulating all over Hollywood, but they never got back to Bob Weinstein? He realized his brother was a bully, but didn’t know anything about sexual harassment?

And that clause in Weinstein’s contract still hasn’t been explained.

Read the entire Hollywood Reporter interview.

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