Bloomberg Reveals ‘Absurd’ Hypocrisy by Democrats in Devin Nunes/Susan Rice Narratives [VIDEO]

The U.S.’s actions in Syria have muted other political news here at home. But rest assured. Republicans and Democrats will forget about Syria soon – at least temporarily until the next ‘limited’ strike – and go back to their silly political game fights.

Democrats pretended to be outraged by the way in which the House Intelligence Committee Chairman [score]Devin Nunes[/score] (R-CA) handled ‘classified information’ pertaining to the unmasking of American civilians under surveillance. Nunes had never mentioned any names. He had merely pointed out the existence of certain raw intelligence documents.

Democrats claimed that that constituted revealing ‘classified information’ and called on him to be investigated over ‘ethics violations.’ Not only that, but they didn’t like how Nunes went to the President and the press before bringing his findings to the committee. Amid political pressure, Nunes stepped aside from his role in the Trump/Russia investigation.

Bloomberg’s Eli Lake was the one who unmasked Susan Rice as the one who requested the identities of members of Trump’s campaign. And many of the conversations had nothing to do with Russia. That’s why Republicans are saying she needs to answer some questions.

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Now, Democrats are pretending to be outraged over the fact that the Republicans are wanting Rice to testify in the fake investigation into Trump’s alleged ‘ties’ to Russia.

After all, they say, she was only doing her job. Republicans want to ‘burn her at the stake,’ as CNN’s Van Jones said, as if she’s being persecuted as a martyr. Others have claimed that Republicans are targeting her because she’s a black woman. It’s ‘racist’ and ‘sexist.’

While Rice’s unmasking of individuals associated with the Trump campaign could have made it easy for the information to be leaked, Rice maintains, “I didn’t leak nothing to nobody.” I’m not sure if we’re supposed to take her literally there.

But Eli Lake says their [fake] outrage is absurd.

“Many of the Democrats and partisans on the other side of this issue were cheering a far more significant leak in the monitored communications of Mike Flynn, the former National Security Advisor, with the Russian ambassador, and they were saying this served a great purpose,” Lake told Fox & Friends. “Whereas Nunes did not disclose the names of anybody who was monitored, nor the methods in which they were monitored, which would have been more serious.”

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