Blockbuster New Ferguson Looting Video Shows the Sheer Lunacy of Rioters

Apparently there were at least dozens of immoral, violent, disgusting people out protesting in the St. Louis area on the night of November 24, 2014. How do I know? Because St. Louis County police just release a ridiculous video showing dozens of hardened criminals breaking into a local store called the Dellwood Market and stealing or destroying everything they could get their hands on.

Watch the insane video:


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What makes the situation even crazier (if possible) is that liberals are actually complaining about the police decision to release this video.

The police are hoping that by releasing the video they might be able to bring some (if not all) of the perpetrators to justice. However, liberals don’t ACTUALLY care about justice when a crime has been committed. They only care about how the crime makes their cause seem less important. For an example of this, read what Nick Chiles from the Atlanta Black Star had to say about the video.

It’s a dramatic illustration of law enforcement attempting to subvert the emerging narrative of Black youth energized and engaged, flooding the streets of this country in demonstrative displays of their anger. The multiracial “die-ins” and marches across the country had largely erased from the public’s mind the images of riots and lawlessness that were sparked by the grand jury’s decision on Nov. 24.

Yeah, the police are the bad guys for releasing video of a crime being committed. That makes total sense.

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