BLM Rabid Animals Repudiated at Philadelphia Back the Blue Rally

Calling BLM “rabid animals,” the police union president pushed back against the group swarming around an officer’s home.

The Back the Blue rally where BLM “rabid animals” were forcefully denounced was a response to a group of Black Lives Matter protesters showing up at an officer’s private home. Here’s an hour of footage of the incident.

Here’s the only footage I could find on YouTube from the mainstream media:

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The Philadelphia Tribune attacked Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby, interpreting his remarks as a repudiation of all blacks (as if Black Lives Matter speaks for all of them) and part of the unwholesome Trump phenomenon. Insisting that BLM is a fine organization, the editorial trades in Left-wing Antifa-style dog-whistles (people at the Back the Blue rally were wearing jackets that had the word “patriot” on them, so what more do you need to know?).

In an example of the apple not falling far from the tree, Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby sounded the same type of reactionary and unproductive alarmist bluster last week.

Speaking at a “Back the Blue” rally in support of a white officer who shot and killed an African-American suspect in the back this summer (the officer’s account varies from that of an eyewitness in his car), McNesby called members of Pennsylvania’s Black Lives Matter chapter “a racist hate group determined to instigate violence, and their targets are the men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department and their families, and that is where they cross the line.”

Oh, yeah. And for good measure, McNesby added, “a pack of rabid animals” in his BLM description.


The members of BLM are not a racist group of terrorists. They are not animals. They are up front and in-your-face about what they find problematic. When and if they cross the line of free speech, yes, they must be put in their place and dealt with appropriately. But baiting them in childish fashion, from a position that should command respect, is not the answer.

At least, the editors seem to have high expectations of the police. BLM’s behavior seems to be judged by a lower standard.

Read the entire editorial.

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